About Us

Toledo Foundation Repair

At Toledo Foundation Repair, we know foundation damage can be a headache for you and a huge structural problem for your beautiful home. Several reasons can cause your foundation to crumble and shift from its original position. Some of the reasons that contribute to the damage of your home include severe seasonal changes, the freeze-and-thaw process of the soil, tree roots, and plumbing leakage.

These reasons can sometimes combine to decrease the value of your home and crush its appeal. It can cause cracked doors and windows, uneven floor, sunken or swollen concrete slabs, and foul smell. To combat these problems, there is a need for foundation repair services so that you can finally feel peace in your home. Any house can face foundation issues. If your house is one of those houses that are facing severe foundation challenges and you are living in Toledo, there is good news for you. We are a foundation repair company with the name “Toledo Foundation Repair” aka Ohio Basement Systems, that tends to the needs of foundation repair for homes and businesses alike in Toledo, Ohio.

The Types of Processes We Use

You can contact us for our exceptional foundation repair services that are also cost-effective. To repair your damaged foundation, there are several processes that we use,  including polyurethane foam jacking, and concrete pressed piling. In addition to, steel piers system, concrete piers system, helical piers system, and mud jacking or slab jacking. Among all these processes, you can choose the one that best matches your needs and is easy on the budget that you have fixed for your foundation repair.

Besides foundation repair, we also deal with foundation crack issues. In addition to foundation wall stabilization, foundation wall straightening, basement wall bracing, basement repair and replacement. Also, foundation drainage system, exterior excavation, yard drainage applications, basement waterproofing system, crawlspace repair, crawlspace vapor barrier, and crawlspace insulation.

Why Should You Opt For Toledo Foundation Repair?

We use a licensed process that is safe and secure for your family and the environment. It can tend to all of your foundation repair issues. With our consultation and assessment services, you can make better decisions that can save both your time and money. Also, it can keep you away from all kinds of unwanted and unnecessary mess. We can detect the problems you may be facing with your foundation and determine if you need our services. The average cost of foundation repair can range between four thousand dollars to five thousand dollars.

Major foundation issues that require hydraulic piers can cost around ten thousand dollars. Minor foundation issues can cost as low as five hundred dollars. Instead of going for a messy, time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive foundation replacement process, you can choose our clean, easy, and cost-effective services of foundation repair at an incredibly lower rate. We also have the same satisfaction guaranteed as you might get after having your foundation replaced. The cost of foundation repair can vary depending on the size of the job and the condition of the place to be fixed.