Basement WaterproofingBasement Waterproofing Systems: The basement is that part of your home that can be damaged very quickly. Simply due to its positioning at the lower portion of the home. As the basement is based below ground, there are chances of excess moisture getting reach to this part. Excess of moisture in a place can give rise to molds, mildew, and bad odor.

Plumbing leakage, on the other hand, is another issue that drains the water in the basement. When this water is released, it can either cause the sinking or the swelling of the soil. Sinking or swelling of the soil further leads to unstable foundation walls. Other problems include cracked doors and windows, and sunken concrete slabs.

Some of the other factors that can contribute to the foundation issues include radon, the freeze-and-thaw process of the soil, and tree roots, etc. All of these factors contribute massively to the overall structural damage to your house.

Once the foundation has damaged, living in that house becomes dangerous as damaged foundations can cause serious structural issues. And can be life-threatening as well. If your basement is showing signs of damage, you should know that it won’t take long for the damage to reach the foundations of your home. So, to nip the foundation issues in the bud, it is necessary that as soon as you notice any kind of damage to the basement of your home, you call for foundation repair services.

Waterproofing Your Basement

We, at Toledo Foundation Repair, provide you with excellent foundation repair and basement waterproofing services at cost-effective rates all across Toledo, Ohio. We also provide our customers with assessment and consultation services. You can get suggestions and answers for all the queries you may have in mind. Our trained technicians leave no stone unturned in detecting the root cause of your foundation issues. We inspect every corner of your basement to determine the solution needed to resolve the issue.

Other foundation repair service providers may only concerned with money. However, our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We determine whether you need our services or not. So that you don’t waste your time and money on services you don’t require. We have several packages out of which you can choose the one that best matches your budget and availability.

The system that we use for basement waterproofing effectively removes water drainage problems. With the help of skilled workers and high-quality tools that are put to use. We install the waterproofing system in your basement by setting a French drain underneath the concrete slabs of the basement. This waterproofing system works with the help of a wall vapor barrier. Thus, bringing the water vapors to the French drain. And away from your basement. This helps your basement stay free from all sorts of soil gases, mildew, mold, and foul odor. The French drain is also used to collect water from under the concrete slabs. Hence,  carrying that water to the sump pump system where it is then carried out of your home.

Waterproof Foundation Costs

The average cost of a basement waterproofing system can be between five dollars to ten dollars per square foot for labor and materials. Or two thousand dollars to six thousand dollars for the average overall job. Those basement repairs that are on the interior side. Thus, it can be carried out without digging the floor. It can range between five hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars. While those basement repair systems that need foundation repair and drainage systems can cost around ten thousand dollars or more. With Toledo Foundation repair, you can get similar services at much more affordable rates and without having to pay any extra charges.

Sump Pump Systems: Installation and Battery Backup

The sump pump system is used to carry water away from your home through drains. Water is pumped out of the sump basin to keep your basement free from moisture. A sump pump can usually last for almost ten years. The sump pump system that we use is made of good-quality materials. Subsequently, they can last longer. Our services also include battery backup that comes with the installation of the sump pump system.

Crack Repair and Flood Prevention

Damaged basements have cracks in them that require instant solutions.  This is so that the problem can be resolved before it further aggravates. With our crack repair services, we give your basement floor a neat and even look. The flood prevention system that we use to drain the water from your basement is also reliable and is available at affordable rates.

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